Whether your instrument is temporarily out of commission, or you have a special project requiring extra equipment or special instruments, chances are we have that instrument for you to rent.

At North American Survey Supply, we offer a complete inventory of rental equipment.

Click the link below to see a partial listing of our equipment:

NASS Surveying Rental Equipment List


NASS Optical Tooling Rental Equipment List

Over 600 surveying instruments and supplies are available to rent. These include, but are not limited to: pipe lasers, transit levels, slope lasers, detectors and receivers, total stations, theodolites, clinometers, automatic levels, jig transits, prisms, tribrachs and adapters, alignment telescopes, lateral slides, magnetic mirrors, tooling scales and holders, eyepieces, leveling rods, tripods and stands.

If you have any questions regarding our rental products, please contact Bob Marron at (215) 969-5011.